Buy-to-Let Mortgages

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Buy To Let Mortgages provide you with a first charge loan using the investment residential property as security, and are set up so that the property is tenanted out and the mortgage payments are covered by the rent generated by the tenant.

Properties qualifying as Buy To Lets

  • Individual Buy To Lets: these are flats or houses bought as investment to be rented out either to single tenants or families
  • HMO Mortgages are a conventional buy to let mortgage taken over a security that has multiple tenants. It is referred to as a House of Multiple Occupancy i.e. shared bathing and kitchen facilities.
  • Multi Unit Freehold Blocks (MUFB) . These are defined as multiple separate independent residential units held under a single title. This includes purpose built blocks of flats and houses converted into flats, but with each individual unit having their own entrances , private areas and facilities
  • Holiday Let mortgages are a conventional buy to let mortgage on a security that has long-term tenancy restrictions.
  • Portfolio mortgages ares a loan over a landlord’s multiple properties, taking individual loan charges against each property in the portfolio.

Buy To Let Mortgages will normally be up to 75% of the purchase price of the property (LTV), and can be either interest only products or interest and capital repayment products dependent on the buyers preference.

As a long-term product the rates  tend to be very competitive, and the borrower is provided with a choice of a fixed or variable rate product. A fixed rate product allows the borrower to plan monthly expenditure; a variable rate product holds the advantage of a potentially decreasing monthly payment.


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